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Business we operate in is like an intricate game of chess, where every move counts and you keep score with money.


NanoX is all about strategy, we’re here to inform of tactics need funding and which are drains on resources.


Make the change you need whilst saving time and money by doing so. NanoX is here to help your Company thrive .

Why NanoX ?

NanoX is a business consulting platform for the hi-tech industry. We provide supply chain solutions for battery and hi-tech materials and components, as well as end-to-end value chain development for the battery and hi-tech manufacturing industry.

Discover a consulting partner driven by purpose. At our firm, we are committed to catalyzing sustainable growth in the electric vehicle (EV) and rare earth metals industry. Our mission is clear: empower businesses to navigate complexities, capitalize on opportunities, and contribute to the advancement of environmentally friendly transportation and technology.

What Sets Us Apart?

Specialize in a comprehensive suite of services designed for success in the EV and rare earth metals sector. From strategic planning and in-depth market research to supply chain optimization, technology scouting, and regulatory compliance, we offer tailored solutions. Our expert team, armed with cutting-edge tools, collaborates closely with clients to We shape their market presence, enhance efficiency, and stay at the forefront of industry innovations.

How Do We Deliver Results?

Our approach combines industry expertise, technology scouting, and a commitment to sustainability. We conduct thorough assessments, develop customized roadmaps, and provide ongoing support for seamless implementation. By fostering collaborations, advocating for favorable policies, and adapting to industry changes, we ensure our clients thrive in the evolving landscape of EVs and rare earth metals. Partner with us to turn challenges into opportunities and navigate the path to sustainable success.
Keeping Our Promises

We Listen, You Prosper
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Chief Operational Officer
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Senior Consultant
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Senior Consultant
Almere Netherlands, 1324GZ, Europe.
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